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Tubular fish

<P> 119 yuan/case</P> <P> Raw materials: cheese bone, wild fish</P> <P> Features: fresh, tender, and smooth. Serve with seasonal side dishes and hot pot</P>

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Tubular fish



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Tubular fish


Hot Pot Niu Shuangbao

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Delicate Huxiang delicacies and inherit food culture


In 2022, the Hunan Tourism Hotel Vocational Skills Competition was held in Zhuzhou. Xintian International Hotel sent five people to participate in the competition on behalf of Xiangtan City. The Food and Beverage Department participated in two items: Chinese food and Western food table setting. Among them, the Chinese food table setting test item was divided into table setting, theme commentary, and point service. After many discussions, the theme of the banquet for the Chinese food table setting competition is "Huxiang Culture", which mainly depends on the local cultural characteristics of Xiangtan.