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Food dynamics

Food and drink

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1, Haima Kungfu Soup Price: 69 yuan / person
Raw materials: hippocampus, scallops
Features: fresh and delicious, have a strong health effect
2, Xianglian black pepper jumping frog price: 89 yuan / case
Raw materials: jumping frog, Xianglian
Features: Black pepper seasoning fleshy and tender
3, secret braised duck price: 79 yuan / case
Ingredients: Huaxing duck half, local lotus root
Features: Secret recipe rich in taste
4, lotus leaf lotus steamed young age pigeon price: 119 yuan / case
Ingredients: 2 pigeons, several lotus seeds
Features: fragrant, lubricated, blended with local lotus leaf and Xianglian
5, bone fish Price: 119 yuan / case
Raw materials: cheese bones, wild fish
Features: fresh, tender, slippery, with seasonal dishes and hot pot
6, hot pot cattle double treasure Price: 88 yuan / case
Ingredients: hairy belly, snowflake beef
Features: Spicy and refreshing, the improved Sichuan pot bottom can better cater to the local flavor of Xiangtan
7, spend thousands of bones Price: 69 yuan / case
Raw material: crispy radish skin features
Features: crispy and refreshing, it is a rare meal, the finest in the wine
8, green pepper fried fish caviar price: 78 yuan / case
Raw materials: dried fish in the village
Features: Fresh and refreshing, using farm-made small fish, in line with local taste.